October 8, 2010

Glenn Beck finds new ways to be an a**hole, Fundraiser for Gene Cranick & Family

So, I made this shirt a while ago. It was meant to be a joke. I made it in response to Republicans accusing everything they didn’t like of being “socialism.”

I made a video about my reasoning behind it as well, which you can watch by clicking here.

The free-market worshipers insisted that I was wrong, that Fire Departments were never socialist, and that privatizing things ALWAYS fixed everything and made things run better.

Unlike those who find it convenient to ignore facts, I’ve studied history, and I know what happens when you start charging fees for essential public services. You get corrupt, immoral behaviour. Before NYC employed the socialist model, they once had private fire departments, that used to squabble over fees while houses burned down.

I thought that we had such ignorant barbarism only in our past. But that happened again, just a few days ago, in the USA. This time in Tennessee. Gene Cranick’s house burned to the ground while the Fire Dept watched, because of a squabble over a $75 dollar fee.

This is what you get when you attach a dollar sign to doing the right thing.

Glenn Beck sees nothing wrong with that. Reaching a new level of hypocritical fucktard, Glenn Beck mocked Gene Cranick on the air, complaining that “if you don’t pay your fee, you are sponging off your neighbor” totally oblivious to the poster of Benjamin Franklin behind him, with the word “Charity” on it. Go ahead and watch the clip for yourself

Now, an anti-christ, by definition, is somebody or something that claims to represent the teachings of Christ while simultaneously preaching the exact opposite of Christ taught. Glenn Beck does this on a daily basis. Food for thought.

The mocking aside, Glenn beck is absolutely right to say that “if you don’t pay the fee, your house burns down.” That is how a privatized fire department works.

Now you might think, “well I pay my taxes, I don’t have to pay any fee for the Fire Department.” You’re right. That’s because you are living in a socialist town, with a socialist government, taking taxes from everybody (mostly from those with the most wealth and most ability to pay) and then providing the protection of both fire rescue and police services to everybody in your municipality regardless of their ability to pay. That’s what compassionate, charitable, civilized human beings do.

I decided after seeing this clip that rather than being mocked on national broadcasting, that the Cranick Family actually needs is help.

To try and help out the Cranick Family, I’m doing a fundraiser.

$10 of every “Socialism” shirt purchase will go directly to the Cranick family. Please forward this message to your friends in email, tweet and retweet this, share it on your facebook wall, talk about it in person with people you know. Spread the word. This is important. If not to help the Cranicks, do it to piss off Glenn Beck.

I’ve in contact with WPSD, the local affiliate that covered the story originally, asking them if they have contact info for the Cranick family.

Now, since i just started, I haven’t raised any money yet, but when I do, I want to actually be able to give it to the Cranick family.

If you have any leads on how to get in touch with them, please send me an email at PunkPatriot411@gmail.com.

Now keep in mind, it might be kind of hard to get in touch with the Cranicks. Their house just burned down, and they lost everything they own-- including phones and computers.

Till then, this is the Punk Patriot, to life, liberty, and pursuit of a less f**ked up gov’t!

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