October 13, 2010

CA Gubernatorial Candidate arrested at NBC Debates

I've been here before. NBC excluded a candidate that I had worked for during the Democratic Party primaries in Nevada and New Hampshire, etc, even though he had met the requirements for entering the debate. A local court decided that Dennis Kucinich must be let into the debate, but then a federal appeals court decided that it was the "1st amendment rights of a corporate broadcasting entity to exclude or include whomever they wanted in the debates."

I can tell you this with utmost certainty-- the corporate media distorts elections, makes up the rules as they go, and the debates they host are a complete and total sham.

Just yesterday Green Party candidate for Governor, Laura Wells was arrested at a debate she was excluded from. According to my sources, Laura Wells was peacfully and quietly on her way to be seated in attendance of the debate when security arrested and escorted her off the premises for "tresspassing."

She had every right to be there- as she had tickets to attend the debate.
What was the real excuse for kicking her out? Laura Wells was arrested for "tresspassing on private property" a tactic used to kick Ralph Nader off the premises during his exclusion of the 2000 presidential debates-- despite the fact that he ALSO had a ticket. Not that he was there to debate- the Corporate Media didn't even let them WATCH the debate. As though their very presence would somehow taint their two-corporate-party lovefest.

NBC's story doesn't quite match up with what actually happened, excluding as many facts as they can to hide how bad they were and distort what actually happened. NBC reports she was arrested while protesting her exclusion, and makes sure to justify it by saying that "The Green Party is not a factor in this race, according to all polls."

Really? And yet the Green Party is also simultaneously such a threat that you have to arrest their Gubernatorial candidate simply for attending the debate- with a legitimate ticket, and a legitimate reason to be there? Make up your mind! Which is it?

Is the Green Party a factor or not?

Then as if to justify their exclusionary tactics, NBC follows up with this: "Polls show Brown, the current attorney general and former governor and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman in a dead heat."

Again-- Make up your mind! Which is it? Is the Green Party a factor or not? If they aren't a factor, they clearly would not have any bearing on the dead heat that this race is in, now would they? Unless they are a factor, in which case- LET THEM DEBATE.

Here's what actually happened:

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