October 5, 2010

Heritage Foundation- insufferable douchebags who are wrong about trade policy

The Heritage Foundation put out a press release today saying that Media Distortions are trying to convince Americans that we don't need free trade any longer.

From their press release titled "Is the Media Reporting or Distorting?":

The media seem intent on convincing Americans that they no longer support free trade. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal, for example, begins “The American public, already skeptical of free trade, is becoming increasingly hostile to it.” The article goes on to report that the results of a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey show that as much as 90 percent of the U.S. public is concerned about outsourcing.

Really? I would think that it's not the MEDIA convincing us of anything. Keep in mind that the Media is owned huge conglomerates that have benefited from outsourcing our jobs to third world countries.

I think the massive unemployment, and the fact that all our manufacturing jobs are being shipped overseas is the MAIN factor that's convincing people. Maybe you assholes down in the Heritage Foundation's DC offices should take some time off from pontificating in the abstract, and take a visit to Detroit, or Cleveland, and listen to the folks on the ground that have been most hurt by your ignorant, faith-based, unscientific, bullshit trade policies. Douchebags.

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  1. I read in Yes magazine Cleavland is funding worker cooperatives in the style of Mondragon, and US Steel I believe is also partnering with the Mondragon Corporation. Maybe that will help revitalize these areas destroyed by outsourcing.

    And it seems almost treacherous to sell out americans livlihoods to other countries, just so giant corporations could pay less to peasants half way across the world.