June 13, 2013

Stealing Maine: Capitalism, Public Space, and the Environment

Tuesday, June 18th, 6pm
The Meg Perry Center
644 Congress Street, Portland
Free and Open to the Public

     Across the world, and most recently in the ferocious battle erupting over Taksim Square in Turkey, people are fighting back against corporate theft of public land and natural resources. And here in Maine we are witnessing the same struggle to preserve public space--from the fight to save Congress Square, to artists struggling to maintain their right to sell artwork on public sidewalks--and to stop the raiding and degradation of the environment--from the towns trying to prevent Nestle from bottling and selling Maine's water resources, to activists trying to stop the Tar Sands pipeline. These struggles have been some of the most important and galvanizing in the state. In this panel we will hear from activists involved in these struggles, and discuss the links between the economics of capitalism and these issues. 

Abbeth Russell, Protecting Portland's Creative Community
Nickie Sekera, Community Water Justice in Fryeburg
Owen Thomas, International Socialist Organization
Asher Platts, Chair of the Maine Green Party
Hollie Seeliger, Portland Green Party, and Portland School Board member

Sponsored by the Southern Maine Anti-Capitalist Network

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