May 19, 2012

Protesters hit by police van at #OCHI #NoNATO

UPDATE 12:13am:

Very Clear Video:

UStream's automatic code generator appears to be broken for this vid and it won't embed the video highlighted at the video page, which you can watch here:

[manually messing with embed code]

Hopefully this video will work:

Video streaming by Ustream
UPDATE (11:48pm): Photos are coming in.

via OccupyTheRoads

Video streaming by Ustream

The video is choppy, and due to shakey camera work and low light, it's hard to tell what is actually happening, but you can definitely hear two "thud" sounds and see that the driver continues to push forward through a group of people. I'm sure more details will emerge in time. Hopefully somebody else was recording this and has better video.

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