May 4, 2012

ART RESISTANCE - I need financial backers

UPDATE: Thanks to two very generous donors, we should have more than enough money to do this right. If you'd like to still donate money for future art resistance actions, we'll gladly take it, but at this point, we don't need it.

Stay tuned for more here:

I know that many of you already donate as sustaining donors. You help me keep food on my plate and me making videos.

I normally don't beg so blatently for money, and I always feel weird about doing so, but there's some upcoming art resistance actions that I'd like to do, and I really need about $200 to make it happen. Can you give like $10?

One art resistance action is planned to be during Senator Olympia Snowe's speech to my graduating class at USM, and I need funds to do them. Think posters, giant banners.
I made this sticker for instance
That shit costs money- canvass, paint, etc. And I need it quick. Like before May 8th. I will have video for you, for sure, it will be fucking awesome, and there will probably be national news coverage as well. And you can be sitting at home watching it on your computer, or on your tv, and say to yourself, "HEY! I helped make that happen!"

Olympia Snowe's husband, by the way, is currently under investigation for financial fraud. What for? Bilking college students, that's what.

From Truthout:
In November 2011, after three years of study, Washington was provided notice by the "college" that she had reached the federal loan/grant aggregate limit of $52,340 and that it would cost $37,000 to complete the degree. Washington dropped out with $52,160 in debt. Because The Art Institute's credits are not transferable, Washington has been swindled out of $52,000 and three years of her life.
The only way to describe $89,000 for a four-year degree with non-transferable credits from a non-academic college is as a fraud and a swindle, and that characterization possibly fails to convey the frustration and downright victimization students like Washington must feel.
Like subprime mortgages, for-profit colleges are a scam driven by payment of commissions to sales staff known as recruiters. The payment of commissions to high-pressure salespeople is so central to the scam that the umbrella trade group for for-profits, the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU), has sued the federal government to overturn its ban on incentive pay.

And She's our commencement speaker. It's audacious that she is speaking to a crowd of graduating seniors at USM.
Anyways, please donate so that me and my crew of awesome people can call her out for her bullshit:

Thank you!

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