May 5, 2012

Dear Cenk, You don't get it.

Dear Cenk,
You don't get it.

The idea behind direct democracy is that nobody can represent you better than you.  Why should I be representing that woman in Florida?  She should represent her.  Send a person to her house, and interview her.  Tell her story.  We are all individuals.  I don't have a right to speak on her behalf.  She should speak on her behalf.

The idea that some people are able to speak better for us than ourselves, is part of the problem with our government, and with our media.  You are lazy.  If the news actually spent money looking into how bad shit was here at home, instead of just repeating what government officials said all day long, maybe this would be a non-issue.

But it's not a non-issue.  It's very much an issue.  Why should WE be the ones to do YOUR job?  We aren't the media, you are.  You should be coming to us to learn about our struggle.

The GA's held in lower Manhattan aren't meant to represent everybody in the world.  People can hold their own GAs in their own towns and self-organize.

The Punk Patriot

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