February 1, 2012

If Fox News was around in the 1960s

This would be funny if it weren't the exact same racist bullshit they say today about demanding "special rights" and "special treatment."

This "parody" is too close to reality to be funny.

But then, that's Poe's law.

I did not create this image. I reposted it from an email that was sent to me.


  1. Did you create this? If you did, someone is trying to take credit for your work, and your idea. Send me an e-mail at addictinginfo@rocketmail.com if you want to know more.

    1. Nobody "created" this meme, addictinginfo. It started in 2003 with a contest by FARK.com titled something like "photoshop Fox News throughout history." Many people have put their spin on it. I see nobody claiming to be a "creator" of it. There is a new facebook page which has put their own spin on it, but nowhere on that page do they claim to be the creators of the idea. Why are you trolling?