July 28, 2011

Things You'll Never Hear a Republican Say


  1. Kurt-- did you watch a different video than the one I made?

  2. Well, I'm actually a bit sad to see you falling for the left/right paradigm! ..Man!

    It's a joke.. It's Coke -vs- Pepsi, the 'red' team -vs- the 'blue' team etc..

    STOP paying attention to this stupid, silly shit! ..It's sad. There is not a SINGLE difference between the two parties!

    After watching Bush for 8 years, I too believed that the Democrats would 'save the day'.. ..But it's just the same old shit! NOTHING has changed!

    After Barrack Obama- It should be crystal clear! ..The rich want tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%- They get it!! lol

    It does NOT matter what 'color' team is 'at bat' when they are BOTH hitting 'home runs' for the rich, and constantly 'striking out' for the people..

    These people don't care about 'Right or Wrong', they only care about Winning. ..And just like Charlie Sheen- the U.S is totally 'Winning'!

    So please, stop worrying about wheather the 'blue' team is winning or not! It's just a game. A game that the 'house' always wins!

  3. Hey Anonymous.

    You should watch the video again...

    I guess all things poetic or subtle are lost on the internet.

  4. First off, let me say that I really do enjoy your videos, and I think you have alot of talent. I do believe that you have the ability to make something of this (The Punk Patriot), and take things to the next level.

    From the outside looking in (I live in Canada) the BIGGEST problem the U.S faces is this phoney left/right paradigm. This Red -vs- Blue, our team versus their team mentality..

    The point I wanted to get across is this- They are NOT 'our' team! ..NOT being a republican/conservative does NOT make you a 'liberal', or worse a Democrat!

    I AM NOT a 'liberal'. I am a citizen. I am a person. I do not vote with my 'party'; I vote with my heart!

    If I were American I would have voted for Ralph Nader, or Mike Gravel, or Cynthia McKinney etc. Now, I know damn well, they probably won't win. But like I said in my last post; I'm concerned with right/wrong, NOT winning/losing..

    Now, I remember back in 2000 all the 'liberals' who viciously attacked Nader voters. They claimed that George W., was somehow THEIR fault! ..Yeah, if only we had Al Gore! lol

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is that we can't simply support the 'blue' team simply by default. We need to support 'our' team with our hearts! ..And that is EXACTLY WHY the democrats suck! They have no heart, no guts, no balls!

    I will NEVER support people like Al Gore or Barrack Obama. They are coward sell-outs. Period.

    That is why I'm hopeful that people like yourself will use your platform to affect REAL change. To create a new paradigm of Conservative -Vs- Independent. 'Us' -Vs- 'The Man', or 'Us' -Vs- 'The System', 'Us'-Vs- 'The Rich Cock-suckers Who don't Give a Fuck About Us!', etc..

    It's time to bring about an end to this B.S 'Representative Democracy', and bring in a new age of 'Direct Democracy'! ..If it's safe enough to bank online, it's safe enough to vote online!

    Let the people speak for themselves!

    In a REAL democracy do you honestly think the people would vote for tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 % ? (??)

    Anyways, it's time to do away with the Democratic Party. We don't need an ILLUSION of choice. It's time for them to return to their gated communities from whence they came!

    Jason Dawson

  5. If you look at the body of my work, you'll see that I have been doing this since 2007.

    It's the have vs the have nots, and the haves are winning.

    The point I am trying to make with this video is EXACTLY what you are saying. When I ask, "why is it?" I want you to really think about that. Why is it that the GOP sets the agenda and the Democratic Party follows it?

    It's because they are two sides of the same corporate coin. Partisan bickering is, with few exceptions, akin to pro-wrestling.