July 29, 2011

October 6th Documentary

I just pledged some $$ to help Dennis Trainor make a documentary.

And I'm writing this blog entry to ask you to pledge ONE DOLLAR.


First, every dollar counts. And more than every dollar, every person counts.

Increasing the number of people who pledge will show that this documentary has popular support when Dennis approaches the bigger donors.

Dennis's goal today is to get 100 people to pledge in small dollars amounts- so please take a moment right now to pledge as little as ONE DOLLAR - and then share this message with your friends!

THIS IS JUST DAY 2 OF THE PLEDGE DRIVE for a feature length film that tells the story of arguably the most urgent and ambitious protest movement of a generation (at least in the U.S.), and I am asking you to pledge and share this with people in your network who might be inclined to help fund this project.

- More than $1,500 raised in day one.

- Pledge a buck today!

Thanks for doing this!

link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/736352510/taking-freedom-plaza

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