July 18, 2011

Fighting Back: Success Stories so far

When things are dismal, and corporate control of our lives seems utter and complete, it can seem like nothing can be done. That we might as well sit back and watch it all fall down, because we are powerless.

First, that is never true. The only difference between heroes and ordinary people is that heroes decide to act, while ordinary people continue to sit on the sidelines and feel powerless.
Second, here are some success stories of people banding together to fight back against the robber barons.

We hear over and over from Anarchists and Libertarians that the answer to our problems is less government. It's the fact that the government exists that is the reason why Corporate America is able to screw us over.

But that is not the case. Our government serves as a citizen's union so that we can collectively fight back against those who seek to control our lives.

The answer is not to get rid of our government-- That's exactly what the kleptocracy is already trying to do.

The answer is to USE our government.

We've been asleep at the wheel, and Corporate America has taken the wheel from us.



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