November 12, 2010

Kill And Eat The Rich Conversation


If you're familiar with Etsy's conversation format, you'll notice that the first email should be on the BOTTOM, but it's at the top here.

I put it in photoshop and reordered it to read in the sequence of how the conversation transpired.

Also, if you want to buy this killer shirt, click here

I'm hoping that once people get them, they will post themselves wearing it as their facebook profile picture, sparking a movement like the Green after the Iranian Election.

Hey... I can dream.


  1. Are they organic and/or fair trade? Hemp would be ideal.

  2. Hi, can't afford to buy your shirt, but sending you some love anyway :)
    Keep spreading the truth!

    be as a mushroom
    spread the spores of your knowledge to the wind
    tell anyone and everyone who will listen to you about peace
    share with them the values this community has developed
    enlighten all you can
    action action action
    every conversation is an opportunity to turn someone on
    make use of it
    be here now!
    promote the change with your every effort, try to live as if it has already occurred

  3. They are not hemp. Some of them are organic, they are not fair trade, but they are Anvil brand, which I understand to be sweatshop free.

    That is unless they are American Apparel, in which case they are sweatshop free, and made in the USA.