November 14, 2010

Douglas Rushkoff on Monetary Policy

Douglas Rushkoff, author of Life, Inc speaks on the history of monetary policy. Very enlightening.


  1. 1.were do taxes play into this system?
    2.who is he addressing in this speech with the statement "you will be happy and rich."?
    3.all creation does get inspired by previous work within societies. that is why i have problems with copyright laws much of the time. yes, i realize the creator wants payment for their creation, but i think it limits further creations that could enhance or better society. often when a work is copied it is actually shining a spotlight on the work of inspiration.. in a way it's "free advertising"... not necessarily an abuse or theft.
    4. he is correct in saying that programs like google aren't really free, because google is then able to advertise itself. but, it's not really a bad thing i guess, unless you are wanting to compete with google. i wonder if he is wanting to compete with google? i don't really know much about him. i guess i could google his name and find out more, though ;)

  2. You should really read his book "Life, Inc"

    It goes through the entire history of monetary policy and corporations, which is needed. It can't be explained in sound bytes, or even an essay.

    It takes a book.

  3. thanks. i will check out his book... i'm sure it will at least answer my questions. besides, i would be very interested in learning more about the history of monetary policy & corporations.