November 6, 2010

I answer conservative talking point emails

On Sat, Nov 6, 2010 at 2:28 AM, John Doe wrote:
Note To Democrats

You lost. You lost because the country has seen the direction your party is headed and wants no part in it. You suffered your worst losses in Congress for 60 years. The Republicans won not because of their sparkling personalities or inspired policies, but simply because they're not Democrats.

If you're gloating because two or three of the Tea Party candidates didn't win, then at least you're easily pleased, something likely to stand you in good stead in 2012.

Also, you should probably look into cutting California adrift before it drags Nevada or Oregon down with it. Probably best to just tow the entire state out to sea and scuttle it.

A Progressive's Response to Republicans

Hi there Kregaaron. I don't know why you sent this to me.

First, I'm not a Democrat.

Second, the reason why Democrats lost is because the direction that the Democrats are headed in is the same exact direction as the Republicans, and has been since 2006. And the Democratic Party's progressive base finally woke up.

Nancy Pelosi said she was against the war, and when she had the power to end them, she didn't. In fact, she called special emergency sessions to approve additional funding to extend the wars and occupation for years to come-- all on the back of the taxpayer's grandchildren.

When Nancy Pelosi had the power to investigate the Bush Administration for approving torture, illegal wiretapping, black sites, and other nasty and illegal shit-- she chose not to.

When the American people were clamoring for Impeachment hearings against Bush for all the illegal nasty shit he and his administration were doing, she said firmly "NO!" ...along with the rest of the Democratic leadership. And she, like the rest of the Democrats and Republicans, continued to pass bills that gave Bush exactly what he wanted; Bills that gave the Federal Government more power to spy on us, to torture us, to deny is a trial by jury, to read our email, to monitor our purchases, to silence our peaceful protests. More power to lock us up for political reasons. More infringements on freedom and liberty.

Then Obama was elected. We were told by Demcoratic Leadership that this was the sort of change that we needed. We needed 60 votes in the senate, and the House, and the Presidency to get anything done. The American people gave them 60 votes in the senate, a majority in the house, and the presidency. And they did nothing. Mostly they blamed the Republicans for obstructionism, which is absurd.

Then they cowtowed to big business, blaming the Republicans. Then they started to lose seats in the Senate. And so they blamed the Republicans. The the President and his staff attacked his own progressive base, and called them "fucking retarded" for wanting single payer healthcare. They called them "Crazy" for wanting to end the illegal, immoral, and expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Demcoratic base was completely demoralized. The more power that we voted to give the Democrats-- the more they started to sound like Republicans.

And so now the Democrats in DC get exactly what they have always wanted-- to not be in power any more, so that they don't have to make up excuses for why they are cowtowing to big business, so that they can once again sit on the sidelines and promise things to their base that they have no intention of ever delivering on.

The Punk Patriot


  1. Very well said. Democrats lost their hold on power because, for the most part, they have been governing and ineffective Light Republicans for the last two/four years.

    As an Oregonian, I would like to comment on his suggestion that California is somehow "dragging down" my state, implying that California is more liberal than Oregon.

    Oregon has 4 democratic representatives in congress, 1 republican. 80% D.

    Califonia has 34 democratic, 19 republican. 64% D.

    Oregon has had 24 consecutive years of Democrats in the Governor's mansion. California has had more Republicans than Democrats in the same period.

    I'm not sure who is dragging who here, but to suggest that Oregon is being "dragged down" is ridiculous.

  2. California "dragging" the rest of the union down? Lol, people don't realize how much revenue California generates and how much they essentially pork barrel off my state. California leaving the union would have a profound negative effect on the rest of the nation, they just don't realize it...

  3. No working class voter when they really look close can support the rethugs.
    Tax breaks for billionaires, come on. In your face religiosity, no way baby, I'm a free thinker. Shut down the C Street house!
    They are generally just freaky and don't reflect the hopes and desires of "normal" people. Healthy people want to be free, not shackled by dogma. The insecure need to cling to stories or as Plato once said, the noble lie told to the masses for no other reason but control.