August 7, 2010

We are like Dust Mites


You’re like a tiny little dust mite
sitting on a tiny little dirt clod
spinning ‘round a tiny little star
outer space is always where you are

We’re hurtling through space on a dirt ball with an atmosphere
the only world you know of is the thin film of life that’s here
the atmosphere extends only seven miles vertically
the deepest plot of ocean is just seven miles under me

diameter of earth is eight thousand miles wide
the living that we do is only on the outside
our liquid core is spinning and makes a giant magnet
which we’ll lose when the planet cools and becomes stagnant

Then we’ll get blasted with space radiation
which will dry up all our water and kill all of creation
we got limited real estate in which we can around
only seven miles up and only seven miles down

1.8% of Earth’s diameter is air
it’s a tiny thing we’re fucking up as if it wasn’t there
this is rare- life on earth
occupies a tiny sliver
“Put your conscience in the cosmos.”
is the message I deliver


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