May 26, 2010

When you Beleive in Yourself, a Bear and an Eagle High-Five



This image was inspired by the Maine Green Independant Party's homepage, on which it looks like an Eagle is about to give a high five, and a quote from friend of the show, Latasha Ewell, of


  1. This is pretty rad. i am guessing you are already plugged into the wonderful world of but if you aren't i think you would dig it.

  2. I like watching the videos, but I'm not a member... YET! I'm sure someday they'll ask me to speak about something! (probably not.)

  3. Speaking at TED would be awesome! Though honestly, I’d be fine with just being there. If church was like TED, I’d go every Sunday.

    Love that you made this quote into a graphic!

  4. @Latasha I TOTALLY AGREE. If church was like TED talks I'd be there every Sunday as well.

    And it's true about the whole "just being there" thing, though I think everybody who attends also has to speak on a subject. So everybody has depth of knowlege in specific subjects, and 5 minutes to talk about how cool it is.

    That's the real Nerd Prom, not the White House Press dinner.