November 14, 2014

Deafheaven: Sunbather

Sometimes I just post music without any political agenda.

This has many of the trappings of death metal (blast beats, indecipherable screamed lyrics, heavy distortion) but the harmonic and melodic content is much more sophisticated, and more importantly, doesn't make much use of whole tone, octatonic, or minor scales. In fact as a peice, it feels overwhelmingly positive.

If the Satanic death metal of the 1980s and 1990s was a reaction against conservative christian culture by thumbing it's nose at orthodox by embracing a negation of those values on the terms of that which is negated, (Satanism as an inside joke for Atheists) this music (and Liturgy, I'd include as well) has a post-nihilist positivity that is now firmly standing on it's own grounds, and operating not in negation to what came before, but in a statement of position in the affirmative.

Yes there is still meaninglessness, but we can create our own meaning. There is a sort of euphoric feel to this album on top of, or inside of, the white knuckle terror of staring into the void.

0:00 - "Dreamhouse"
9:15 - "Irresistable"
12:27 - "Sunbather"
22:44 - "Please Remember"
29:11 - "Vertigo"
43:47 - "Windows"
48:30 - "The Pecan Tree"

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