July 6, 2013

Sierra Club Hypocrites: Fracking

via a friend in West Virginia:

Hi Asher:

A week or so ago I commented about the Sierra Club stating shale gas drilling could be done right. Here's that video.

This needs to be seen, especially since it was revealed the following year the Sierra Club was taking millions from Chesapeake Energy. [link]

Also, the lead lobbyist at the WV Environmental Council, Don Garvin, is a former oil and gas business co-owner [link] and he is telling people a load of crap about shale drilling as well. His business Braxton Oil and Gas is now owned by a former delegate/state senator Mike Ross, whom my former employers at [the NGO I work for] filed ethics complaints against in the past.


I'm beyond infuriated. The so-called left in my state is enabling the right and the media rarely calls out such hypocrisies. Again, if you know of anyone putting together a documentary give this to them... minus my name (for the time being). WV isn't going to change unless these god damn enablers in the Progressive community are called out publicly and thrown out of their positions of power. I can't say anything at the moment because I need a reference from [the NGO I work with] cause like so many other people in my state I have yet to find steady employment since graduating college a few years ago... but I will once that changes and it should in a few months.

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