July 3, 2013

Racism is NOT dead in America.

LeVar Burton, fameous for his role as Jordy in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and for me, as host of Reading Rainbow, gives a detailed step-by-step method he uses to not get shot by the cops for being black.

via aattp.org
We’ve spotlighted racism several times in recent days–first with this video of a comedian owning a heckler who announced her grandpa was in the KKK, and then with this eye-opening experimentby the show What Would You Do? and our explosive story about the real allegations against Paula Deen.
It’s been especially difficult for the moderators here to deal with the staggering number of people who seem to be in complete denial that there’s a problem at all.   Some have written things like, “If black people can call each other ‘niggas’ then what’s the problem with white people saying it?” and “Everyone has used that word before, so what’s the big deal” (ummm, no…no they haven’t).
Here’s a very telling discussion between actor LeVar Burton and author Tim Wise about what it’s really like to be stopped by the police when you’re black.
Watch the video, courtesy of CNN.  WARNING:  Language NSFW

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