April 8, 2013

Renegade Journalism from Mayflower, AK

If it's illegal to tell the truth, break the law.

via LiveLeaks


Yesterday, activist indy news team JNL RadikalMedia did what the mainstream media won’t or can’t do, providing exclusive video from the scene of Exxon’s oil pipeline spill in Mayflower, Arkansas.

The video shows what can only be described as a lake of oil. Allegedly Exxon has been pumping the spill into this area. Exxon’s absorbent pads aka paper towels can also be seen scattered across the ground.

Video streaming by Ustream

Originally the FAA issued a no-fly zone over the area, but after major scrutiny, particularly from online activists, they partially lifted order, allowing news organizations interested in filming from the air to do so.

The same does not go for media trying to cover the scene from the ground. Reporters say Exxon has threatened to have them arrested for merely entering the spill site.

To which, the journalists have this to say:

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  1. Much very serious credit due to them for being real journalists while "real" journalists have abrogated their responsibilities as the fourth estate.