April 29, 2013

Does the US Forest Service love fracking?

In case you didn't know, the US Forest Service is currently pursuing charges against environmental activst, artist (and Green Party member) Lmnopi for an anti-fracking parody she made.

You can check out her store here.

You can also send the US Forest Service a letter asking them if they love fracking or something. I've included below my letter to them:

SUBJ: Does the US Forest Service love Fracking?

Dear US Forest Service,
Just wondering if you guys love fracking or something.

It just seems weird that you would be pursuing charges against an environmental activst/artist who has a design that is CLEARLY a parody (and I'm confident you're going to lose your case), and not a plagery of your precious anti-forest fire cartoon bear spokesperson.

Is the environmental damage from fracking less permenant and widespread than forest fires?

I can't wrap my head around what your angle is here.

If smokey were a real bear, and could understand that fracking is the reason he's getting cancer from eating fish that swim in contaminated streams, he'd be PISSED.

So I have to ask again, does the US Forest Service love fracking?

You can ask them yourself by clicking here: http://www.fs.fed.us/contactus/

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