July 20, 2012

The Democratic Party is irredeemable and unreformable

Cynthia Dill's run for US senate is a prime example

If you run into people who think that running as a Democrat is a good way to seek reform at the national level, tell them to follow this race in Maine: Cynthia Dill for US Senate.

The DSCC (Democratic Party Senate Coordinated Campaign) doesn't even mention Cynthia Ann Dill or that she won the primary of the Maine Democratic Party in their write up about the race.

Instead the DSCC chooses to talk about how the corporate-funded independent with ties to clearcutting... is an "Obama supporter."

Well first, I'm not an Obama supporter, because I don't support incinerating women and children with drone strikes, and I don't support the executive branch having the authority to assassinate people, or keeping a "Kill List."

But let's just put that aside for a second.

This just goes to show how completely corrupt the DNC is. Why is that the case? Why are they backing a corrupt, millionaire independent over a politically progressive woman that their own Party nominated through the democratic process?

Well, I would say that they are concerned with winning, but that's not true. If that were the case, they'd be dumping DSCC money into Dill's race, which they are not. And besides, the past 20 years show that they have made a pretty successful career out of chronically losing -- losing on the agenda front, losing on the congressional seats front...

Could it have something to do with the fact that Dill states that she is opposed to PACs and supports amending the Constitution to eliminate corporate personhood? (Thereby pulling billions of dollars out of the industry that is politics.) I think you'd be on the right track there. They are not concerned with policy. They are not concerned with the well being of the average American. They scapegoat the republicans, and willingly step aside on key issues that they should be digging their heels in on.

I have a theory that because Cynthia Dill is a real progressive, is opposed to the NeoLiberal agenda of Bush and Obama, that the DNC is pulling the rug out from under her because she would show how corrupt the DNC is. She would potentially be a thorn in their side. This is what I learned the hard way back in 2007 working on Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign. As Howard Beale said in the film Network, "I have seen the face of God."

Since then I have Registered Green, haven't looked back since. If Cynthia Dill were to have registered Green, we might not have had a giant political machine to push behind her with, but she'd at least have the formal backing of the party that she is registered with at a National Level.

The DNC is beholden to corporate money, wall street, the war machine, and that's it. They are irredeemable, unreformable, and corrupt beyond repair. Your time would be better served walking away from them, and building an alternative.

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