July 29, 2012


Today in Burlington, VT there was the Conference of Governors, who met with Provincial Premiers of Canada to discuss, among other things, the Tar Sands pipeline that will be going from Fort Murray, Alberta to Portland, ME:

As the Delegate Buses were leaving, Occupy New England Regional Gathering formed a blockade to send a message about Tar Sands.

The police responded by firing pepper balls, rubber bullets, spraying pepper spray, and beating people with nightsticks.

Said Kara, an eyewitness, "The Riot police geared up, skipped buttoning their clothes, and slammed people into the ground soon after they had used pepperspray and shooting rubber bullets at the protesters. This was the first time."

According to Kara, the protesters were not detered by police violence, and regrouped to form a second soft block for a second bus. The police proceeded to respond to nonviolent tactics with violence.

At least 6 injured.

Call Burlington Police Department @ 82-658-2704. Twitter: #btvconverge, #j29

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