June 20, 2011

David Tyree Might Be Gay

Inspiration for this quick video came from this article here in the New York Daily News.


  1. True dat! One thing that always gets me is that I've had ARGUMENTS with people who say "Being Gay is a choice" This only can make sense to someone for whom that choice would make sense, like a GAy person! To me it's NOT a choice because I find that I'm not sexually attracted to other men. I could NEVER be like"Well, I'm horny and there are no girls around, I guess I'll slepp with a dude" That would never happen, because either you like men or you don't. If someone says that it is a choice, THAT person is gay. Nothing sadder than someone who hates themself!

  2. I don't think he's gay, and trust me - being a Big 'MO, my gaydar is finely tuned. I think he is terribly, terribly ignorant.