January 1, 2013

NYPD & Media Reports Attempt to Link OWS to Crime (Again)

The OWS Public Relations Working Group has issued the following statement regarding the recent arrest of two Greenwich Village residents charged with possession of weapons/explosives [emphasis mine].

Re: the alleged link to Occupy Wall Street (OWS) in media reports about the arrest of two Greenwich Village residents charged yesterday with possession of weapons/explosive material.

Since its beginnings in September 2011, Occupy Wall Street has vigorously used its Constitutional rights to protest Wall Street greed, and is firmly committed to non-violence. Nonetheless, Occupy has been subjected to extensive surveillance and repression, and the NYPD takes every opportunity to link OWS to crime.

There is nothing in the news stories to support a link between OWS and the individual arrested; his name is unfamiliar to many OWS activists. A very large number of people came through Zuccotti Park, and there are countless Occupy-related groups nationwide, so it is very difficult to ascertain if one person participated in anything related to OWS.

We urge members of the media to refrain from spreading rumors and misinformation.

There are many things that send up red flags about this case to me.

First, one of the suspects is the daughter of a NYC real estate broker working for Douglas Elliman, a firm dealing regularly with multimillion dollar apartments.

Now, I'll take as many allies from as many walks of life as I can get, but the FBI document dump shows that the wealthy elite, local law enforcement, and the FBI have been working in collusion to quash the Occupy Movement nationwide, and while I'm not going as far as to say that this is a false flag PR hit, even if these suspects really are acting totally independently, the NYPD are chomping at the bit to find any connection between these two and OWS that they possibly can, much in the same way that they tried to link a bike chain holding the Metro Gate open with a 12 year old murder case, which turned out to be exactly that-- an attempt to smear OWS not to mention total bunk, as the link they'd found in DNA evidence turned out to be contamination by a Lab Tech who had worked both cases. To rush to claim a link between OWS and the murder was not only unfounded, it was irresponsible. The only explaination for such reckless behaviour on the part of the NYPD, is that they were participating in a PR campaign against the Occupy Movement.

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