January 3, 2013

Ancient Aliens Debunked

I'm not saying it was aliens... because it's not.

This is a great documentary debunking the claims of Ancient Aliens, up until the last half hour.

A little disappointed that after talking about the methods that Ancient Aliens uses to "prove" bunk theories, the narrator does the same thing with the story of Noah's Ark.

He goes on to say that "the Nephalim passages prove that Something Weird happened" and that we can't dismiss the fact that similar stories are found in ancient cultures around the world.

However, all that proves to me is that human beings are sex-obsessed and anthropocentric the world over, and that they tell themselves stories of the Gods having sex with humans to prove to themselves that humans are cosmically important. The idea that humans are cosmically important is something that humans love to tell ourselves, because the idea that we're not cosmically important can be damned depressing (but true).

My probme with Ancient Aliens, is that it tries to trade one bogus theory of existence--- religion -- for another, pseudo-scientific new age claptrap.

In the last half hour, this documentary goes on to trade the pseudo-science for religion again, when the real moral of the story should be that most human cultures got it wrong for most of our history, and continue to do so.

I'm really disappointed by the end of this documentary.

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