September 23, 2012

Right Now by Lady Essence

Lady Essence is a killer hip-hop artist from Portland, ME

This is a political song I recorded with Zee regarding the social uproar that took place after the Portland Press Herald covered the Ramadan celebration on 9/11.


To the Muslims,
To the christians,
To the citizens
Im hoping you could listenin

She isnt I, I isnt she,
they put us in these category categoriesss

they sayyy...We aint on the same page-
Same class- different race- and the same age-
But they say we aint same heyyy-
I need change, right now, I need change-

I feel the hate steady balancing this country-
I just wanna debate and challenge whats in front of me-
But, you tell me no, I should know better than-
to against the grain, and test the brains at teh other end-
today it is relevant-- bitter to the death-
No forgiveness for the press-
they made us witness religions so different from the rest-
Different from the west-
living to accept-
Is harder when your brought up tryna pick between the left-
The right, and the middle-
What is right? Is a riddle-
A struggle within the puzzle
And our contrite is so little-
So effortless, your heaven is-
a warzone of reverence-
poor lords, forlorned,
Wars short on the evidence-
a quarter for your pentance-
a penny for ya thought-
heres to visiting a history-
so many have forgot-
See them wearing a burqas-
like me rappin in brooklyn-
if it ever is to happen,
people chatter, people look and-

They tell me how to think, who to hate, and who to love-
They tell me we're the same and we relate just because-
they... share my race or and have a status thats above-
and thats where I wanna be but the space builds uppp- anddd
In the end, I see more eye to eye with-
a foreigner in shambles with nothing but her silence-
Maybe we could wander, maybe we could all go-
Somewhere in Rwanda, somewhere in the Congo-
Theres a situation jersey shore oughta follow-
Questioning today, prevents wars of tomorrow-
A torrent of sorrow- put it in your ipod-
Zero ground for mosques, they lookin in the sky god-
And would you mind god? Or are you blind god?
If anybody asks, say its ok with my god-
Cause my god, we are burning with hypocrisy
If war teaches peace then learning is a mockery-

Im not siding with the liberals
or siding with conservatives-
But more people are dying- deciding who deserves to live-
tell me whos earth this is-
spinning into turbulence
I worry who the fury will bury soon as the surface gives-
And are you nervous kid?
Ill tell you just what nervous is-
walking onto U.S soil without your turban hid-
This aint a game, yet we treat it like tournament-
Pick home team and cheer, amid the current rifts-
But let me shift- cause trust me that I support the vets-
Anyone who dies for a right I support and yet,
We must examine the panic within portland press-
And understand the disadvantage when we ignore a sect-
ion of our community, usually we collect-
As a whole and in unity, beautifully now reflect-
On a possibility that is near our grasp-
Equality needs a future, just gutta clear out path-

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