September 13, 2012

Ridiculously HORRIBLE Romney PAC advert

So at first this advert seems like a really poorly done advert that lies, saying that Obama is trying to make Gay Marriage legal (he isn't) and that by voting for Mitt Romney, you can stave off that oncoming gaypocalypse.

But in reality, there's clues hidden throughout the ad that provide a much more interesting and sinister plot line.

* The feigned interest in how his wife is doing
* The way he looks relieved when he hears his wife is upset about Obama trying to make gay marriage legal.
* The fact that he pours a cup of coffee for his wife, but not for himself.
* The tight ominous shot on that cup of coffee.
* The unconvincing way he delivers the line about "voting for somebody with values."

The man looks suddenly relieved to find out that his wife hates gays; because he is gay and is about to leave her and their sham of a marriage for his long time "fishing buddy" Frank.

That ominous cup of coffee shot is foreshadowing to the fact that it is POISONED. After 20 years of hearing her bigoted nonsense stabbing into the very soul of his being every day, he snapped and crushed up the pills she takes for her thyroid condition and brewed them into her coffee. He is going to leave her after she dies of a "heart attack" and use the life insurance to move with Frank to a log cabin in the woods.

Now, with this subplot in mind, watch the ad again:

He's a cold hearted killer! Which is to say, "a republican."

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