March 7, 2012

Running for Office- Episode 3: Cutting Turf & Stupid Ballot Access Laws

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  1. I don't know what kind of budget you've got, but there's some pretty neat software out there that will automate a lot of your turf-cutting.

    Ah, just got to the bit where you talked about your budget. That's probably not enough to afford that software, but should you happen to raise more, you should consider looking into it. I don't remember the software I used when I worked for ACORN back in '08, but I just Googled "canvass turf cutting tools" and found NationBuilder, which offers varying levels of access at mostly reasonable prices for non-profits and small businesses, as well as political messaging tools.

    Best of luck to you. As you are already experiencing, the system is completely rigged in favor of the fascists--one of the reasons they haven't felt it necessary to abolish elections altogether yet--and thus you are fighting an uphill battle. But you clearly consider it a worthwhile one, and so I hope you make a good showing of it; the more people who become aware of this, the better. I'll be sharing this on Facebook.