May 16, 2011

The Invisible Hand of the Free Market is Invisibly KILLING YOU

The Invisible Hand of the Free Market is willing to put the lives of thousands at risk, entrusting Uranium Conversion to unskilled temp labor.

Via the United Steel Workers

In this video, GRITtv's Danya Abt and cinematographer Zac Halberd traveled to Morris, N.J., to talk with workers from United Steelworkers Local 7-669, who have been locked out by Honeywell Corp. for nearly a year. The members recently came to Honeywell headquarters to exercise their rights as shareholders.

The 228 skilled uranium workers have been locked out of the nation's only uranium conversion facility since June 28, 2010. Watch the GRITtv segment, then sign our petition calling on Honeywell to bring back the experienced USW workers by clicking here. Please pass it on!

The invisible hand of the Free Market is invisibly trying to kill you.

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