May 17, 2011

Eli Pariser: The internet is creating isolation and "Information Junk Food"

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  1. i saw this the other day and was fascinated by the "internet bubble" concept. one of the most difficult tasks is verifying information and maintaining open avenues of thought. unspoken agendas tint almost every source. even going into my public library i get the feel i only have access to the most tolerable of the controversial opinions. going to the WH, or comcast, or other major media outlets for content seems almost fruitless. then, on the internet you have to independently verify, as well as can be done, the information presented. i wish any of my Civics teachers/professors (or my parents) would have prepared me for the effort it takes to be a well reasoned citizen. but that is our culture, isn't it? mold the public into classes dulled by overexposure, reduce attention spans to 45 second intervals and render the most important voting decisions matters of popularity instead of worth. maybe with enough individual effort we will grow communities of concerned citizens who can turn the prevailing tide.