June 8, 2010



So a lot of people were really excited by the call to revoke BP’s corporate charter.
Even though my last video only got a little 300 views, that has multiplied into almost one and a half thousand people joining the Revoke BP’s corporate charter page over on facebook within the past week! Awesome!

Many of you are asking, WHAT DO WE DO NOW?! I'm glad you are!

For starters, if you haven’t already, join the "Revoke BP's corporate charter" group, and spread that and the "Revoke BP's Corporate Chater" videos around to everybody you know.

Before we can make a significant impact, we need to grow and strengthen our numbers. Try reposting the “Revoke BP’s Corporate Charter” page on facebook to your wall once a day using the “Share” button.

Next, call or write your Representatives in Congress. This isn't going to do anything directly because they don’t have direct power to revoke BPs charter-- but it lets them know that their constituents are talking about this, and then since they like being re-elected, it increases the chances that THEY'LL talk about it too. While they don't actually have any power to revoke BP's charter, just by talking about it they can help put pressure on Delaware’s elected officials with even an off-the-cuff remark about revoking BP's corporate charter on Meet The Press or the evening news.

After that, go to Delaware.gov, and email the Governor, the heads of the state senate and house, and the Attorney General. Be nice. We need to convince these people to be our allies.

Also be mindful that we can’t just revoke a corporate charter because we don’t like a company. We have to illustrate the long criminal record that BP has as grounds for the revocation. Start doing research on any violations of the law, environmental or otherwise, that BP has been involved with up to and including this oil spill in the Gulf, and start sharing what you find, either in my video’s comment section, or over on my blog, or over on the Revoke BP’s corporate charter page. Or create a blog of your own dedicated just to what you find and compile-- and be sure to share it with everybody else!

For those that have contact pages, but no listed email, I made Bit.ly links. Capitalization is important!

THE GOVERNOR is Jack Markell. You can twitter him @GovernorMarkell
You can call him at a bunch of different offices here: http://bit.ly/ContactMarkell


The Senate Majority Leader is Democrat Patricia M Blevins. You can contact her a bunch of ways here: http://bit.ly/ContactBlevins Patricia.Blevins@state.de.us
The Senate Majority Whip is Demcorat Margaret Rose Henry. You can contact her a bunch of ways here: http://bit.ly/ContactHenry MargaretRose.Henry@state.de.us
Senate Minority Leader is Republican F. Gary Simpson: http://bit.ly/ContactSimpson gsimpson@udel.edu
Senate Minority Whip is Republican Liane Sorenson: http://bit.ly/ContactSorenson Liane.Sorenson@state.de.us


The Speaker of the house is Democrat Robert F Gilligan: http://bit.ly/ContactDelawareSpeaker Robert.Gilligan@state.de.us
The Majority Leader is Democrat Peter Scwartzcopff: http://bit.ly/ContactHouseMaj
The Majority Whip is Democrat Valarie Longhurst: http://bit.ly/ContactHouseWhip
The Minority Leader is Republican Richard Cathcart: http://bit.ly/ContactCathcart
The Minority Whip is Republican Daniel Short: http://bit.ly/ContactShort

The Attorney General will ultimately be the guy who brings proceedings to revoke BP’s Corporate charter. His name is Beau Biden. He’s related to somebody fameous. You can email his office at: Attorney.General@State.DE.US

Then tell your friends to do the same.

You know what would make all this a whole hell of a lot easier?
If we had some organization backing us, giving us access to sweet webtools that hooked us up with all this information automatically. If we could just send around a link to our friends that hooked them up with everything that they needed... that would be awesome.

Try contacting the following organizations and see if you can get a response from any of them:

For the first two, they have contact pages, so I made bit.lys for them. Capitalization is important!
MoveOn.org : http://bit.ly/ContactMoveOn
GreenChange.org : http://bit.ly/ContactGreenChange

The other two organizations have listed contact emails. Try giving them a shot! See if we can’t get any of them on our side!
Public Citizen: litigation@citizen.org
GreenPeace: info@wdc.greenpeace.org


  1. Thank you for taking the time to research this at post all of the links.

  2. Alan Fulte, thank you for being awesome.

  3. I finally sent the emails out. It was so totally worth the time ;o) I actually feel a lot better now.

  4. Sweet. Stay tuned, as the web tools from GreenChange.org are coming along shortly.