June 6, 2010

BRANDS: Your life-long friends

You know these faces. You probably know these faces better than you know people in your own neighborhood. Better than you know members of your extended family. They were there with you when you were born. They were there with you as a child. They visited you every day on TV.
Who are they?
What do they want from you?
They just want to be your friend. They make things for you. Are they the ones who made these cookies? Your oatmeal? Your big mac? Your breakfast cereal?
"Be our friends! Let me hang out in your home!" they cry, with their silent pleading eyes.
And you do. You always have. You always will. They will be with you throughout your adult life. They're always so happy to see you. They always will be.
They will visit you every night on TV, even as you become old and fragile. You will age and decay. They will not. They will be with you, these friends, as you reach the end of your life and die. They will be there, silent, watching. They will not mourn your passing.

They're all so happy to see you! They always will be.

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