July 20, 2009

CIA Torture option," Put him in a cell filled with cadavers..."

From RawStory

Two of the key designers of the Bush administration’s torture program ended up in a “tug of war” with their superiors about how far to go when coercing information out of suspects, says a new article in the Washington Post.

The article, published Sunday, provides graphic descriptions of some of the techniques contemplated when the torture program was just beginning, in the months after 9/11. Faced with the interrogation of Abu Zubaida, the Al Qaeda operative who had become the CIA’s first “star witness” in the “war on terror,” the CIA contemplated some disturbing options:

Put him in a cell filled with cadavers, was one suggestion, according to a former U.S. official with knowledge of the brainstorming sessions. Surround him with naked women, was another. Jolt him with electric shocks to the teeth, was a third.

[ of course, this begs the question... where did they plan on getting the cadavers from?-PunkPatriot ]

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