June 3, 2009

Buy Things!

I have just opened an Etsy shop over at Etsy.com!!

As you know, nothing really happens in life, unless you buy the T-Shirt.

I have just the remedy-- T-shirts!

The first three I have listed are as follows, and more are on the way:


  1. "Smash Capitalism" by selling T-Shirts...?

  2. Don't smash capitalism. Smash bail outs!

    Congratulations on opening your Etsy shop. You are creating your own little economy, and I think that's super cool.

  3. I'm not into Smashing Capitalism. Watch that video again.

    Capitalism isn't evil. It's got no intrinsic value. It all depends on how it is used.

  4. Unsure if you're responding to my comment or "buttonhead's", but I left the comment in response to your tag titled "SMASH CAPITALISM".

    I myself am not a member of any "anti capitalist" ideology really.