July 2, 2008

I'm a Democrat, and I say F**K THE DNC


They take impeachment off the table when Bush and Cheney are by far the most impeachable presidents we've ever had. Nixon did less than these guys. More Republicans voted to impeach Bush and Cheney than Democrats. There is something wrong with this.

They vote to re-authorize the war and complain that they don't have the votes to stop it, when reality is, they could stop it if they either just kept sending a funding bill with a time table to Bush. If he vetoes it, there is no more funding, and the war is over. If it passes, there is a timetable, and the war is over.

They run candidates for president who say that they want universal health care, but it's really just corporate welfare for the same crooked private insurers that REAL Universal Health Care is supposed to protect us from.

They are doing nothing about re-opening the investigation into 9-11, even long after the 9-11 commission board members said that there were glaring, extensive problems with the first and only investigation, that they were blocked from doing any investigation, that evidence was destroyed, that secret meetings were held which they were not privy to, etc.

They vote for the things that the Republicans are doing that send us into a military police state, and then they whine and scapegoat the Republicans being the reason why everything is going so terribly.


Now he's going back on his word about the war. Apparently he "never said" he "wanted to withdraw troops [from Iraq.]"

If you vote for Obama, don't be surprised when we get 100 more years of war, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, etc. Just like McCain!

Plus, Obama has hired the same people bush hired for economic policy. They want to privatize or partially privatize social security-- just like McCain and Bush.

YES WE CAN- stay in Iraq for a 100 years.
YES WE CAN- privatize social security.
YES WE CAN- keep the same foreign policy of arrogance and interventionism.
YES WE CAN- let war criminals get away with whatever they want to, even when they are President and Vice President of the USA.
YES WE CAN- let the biggest terrorist act in modern history in the USA go without thorough investigation.
YES WE CAN- use government subsidies and corporate welfare to prop up private health insurers who make money by denying your claims.

HEY DEMOCRATIC PARTY VOTERS!-- It's time to pony up and realize that your party sucks ass, and that YOU GOT PLAYED.

Quit using the Republicans as a punching bag and a scape goat, and start holding your own party accountable-- because guess what-- they're f**king you over just like the Republicans do-- only now you're loving it.

*To be fair there are some good people in the Democratic party, like Dennis Kucinich, Rep Wexler, Elijah Cummings, etc. And at the local level, Maine has good people too, like Chellie Pingree, Justin Alfond, and Diane Russell. However, the National Democratic Party leadership are just as corrupt, and just as pro-war as the Republicans.

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