February 28, 2016

Amazing Anti-Fascist Action today in Anaheim, CA

Anti-Fascists gathered to tell the KKK to go home.  This anti-fascist was stabbed by a Klansman.
This is the fucker who stabbed him.  He stabbed other people too.
This guy doing the kicking here, also got stabbed.  He wasn't too happy about it.
The police arrested him for kicking the Klansman.  You can see the blood on his shirt from the stab wound in his chest.

Here's the fucker marching, clearly holding the assault weapon.
Clearly holding the assault weapon.
Clearly holding the assault weapon, in the left of the frame. The police aren't after him though. Clearly it's the hispanic guy who committed the crime.

They're after the stab victim instead at the moment.  The man in grey walking up to clarify the situation and assist the victim, was also arrested.
The weapon was retrieved after the fucker was finally arrested for stabbing a bunch of people.
You want to dress in military fatigues, stab the people in our neighborhood, and then just walk away?  Not happening.

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