April 20, 2015

Additional Votes Green Party candidate Jill Stein Could have Earned in 2012 without affecting the Electoral College

So I get super annoyed whenever I hear the myth about how the Green Party is a "spoiler."

I could quote the witticism by Dr Margaret Flowers that "you can't spoil what's already rotten" but it doesn't prove the point like math can.

Mathematically, the idea that "Green Party candidates are spoilers" is just laughably false.

I went to wikipedia and took down the numbers of votes that both Romney and Obama got in the 2012 election, in the states where Obama won, and since there's only two states where the electoral college isn't "winner takes all" I was able to calculate how many additional votes Jill Stein (Green Party) could have earned without even changing the outcome.

The answer? 11 million additional votes. That's just in states that went Blue.

If you didn't vote Green in 2012, and you're wondering if you should in 2016 because of the phony spoiler argument, fear not.
Mathematically speaking, every state is a safe state to vote Green in.


If the Green Party can hit north of just 5% in the next election, it will unleash FEC funds to the tune of $8 million for party building.  So we really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by voting Green.

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