April 23, 2012

McDonald's Occupy Mindfuck

"It's your lunch, take it."

The following is a real live ad for McDonalds.
WARNING: watching the following ad may cause nausea, vomiting, uncontrolled hysterical laughter, and a desire to poke your own eyes out with a spork.

McDonald's is coopting the language of revolution in their ads.

Well... McDonald's food IS revolting.

However, this is a great segue to talking about an idea for a general strike I had over a year ago:

"If you work at McDonald's and you hate your job don't spit in the food, give food away for free."

I think we should move on their directive of "it's your lunch, take it" start a massive influx of people applying to work at McDonald's, and then after we make up a majority of the workforce, give all the food in the store away for free.

Fast Food workers of the world, UNITE! On May First, don't call in sick. Strike at work. Just as McDonald's says, "It's your lunch, take it." Take and give it away for free. You've been implicitly told to do so by McDonald's advertising department.

UPDATE: Holy fucking shit.

The Webcomic "NothingNice" predicted this in 2005:

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