September 5, 2010

I love DIY, Grassroots Support

These? These I like very much:

And the video that inspired them:

As soon as the folks that created these list them somewhere for sale, I'll post the links.
Now, just a reminder, these shirt designs were made by fans of the show, and they will be the ones profiting from their sales of their shirts, not me.

I heard a rumor that my scripts are going to be reprinted alongside other authors in a zine published out of Alabama... I'd like to get a copy of one of those zines...

I'm interested to see what other cool ideas you come up with! Be creative!

And thank you!

The Punk Patriot


  1. My favorite out those is the: stone ground mustard in a world of mayo. It's really cool that you're inspiring people to the point where they actually make things :)

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