March 24, 2009

Obama: Get FISA RIGHT!

So my friends over at "Get FISA RIGHT!" sent me this:


We're at +132, only about 20 or so votes out of the top 10's special prosecutor question is hanging tough in 3rd, despite a lot of negative votes


Get FISA Right is also on the list at the #p2 ("progressives 2.0") wiki at along with other a bunch of other good ideas. You can vote for as many as you want, no login required.

Obama's press conference is at 8 PM tonight. So please help get the word out!


Sure thing Jon!
How to vote:
Just find the Community Matters thing and click on the green thumb to vote that issue up. There are lots of great issues being asked about on this website, including one close to my heart, universal single payer health care.

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