October 31, 2008

Why I Hate Liberals


  1. This is so incredibly on point and true. Thank you very much for pointing out the (should be) obvious inconsistencies that many liberals display when selecting candidates less aligned with what they believe. If there was less concerned for electability, maybe there would be a better sense of fulfillment with the political process than there is now.

    I think the reason why people are becoming disillusioned with the government is because the people running it are not similar in policy direction and beliefs to their constituency. Most people who don't like the war (most of the U.S.) happen also to not like Bush who does - this causes that disillusionment which, if those same people had pushed more firmly in a previous election, wouldn't even now be a problem.

    If those who work the hardest to get their candidate elected are not representative of the majority (such as republicans and conservatives this last 8 years), then that majority will end up feeling underrepresented and at odds with a ruling body which doesn't mirror themselves (whiny, lazy liberals for the last 8 years).

    Great video,
    a fellow Eagle Scout/annoyed voter

  2. Full on valid. I'm following your blog from now on.