June 6, 2008

Want Change? Look outside Obama and McCain

War Facts
Senator Obama

Obama's Iraq redeployment plan would leave 175,000 to 220,000 troops and mercenaries in Iraq, threatens to expand the war to other nations by putting combat forces in Kuwait and keeping the bombing of Iran on the table.
Obama will leave all leave all 140,000 U.S. mercenaries in Iraq.
Obama will leave between 35,000 to 80,000 troops in Iraq to protect U.S. interests, fight al Qaeda and train the Iraqi military.
Obama will move combat troops to Kuwait to serve as a strike force to attack inside Iraq.

Obama has pledged to the right-wing Israeli lobby that he will always keep the military option.

Obama wants to expand the U.S. military, already the biggest in the world, by 92,000 additional soldiers.

How about health care?


A real change in our energy policy?

Ending Corporate Personhood?

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